Antioch Lutheran Church

What We Believe

As Lutheran Christians, we confess our faith in the Triune God: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit as witnessed to by the Holy Bible and attested to in the Eccumenical Creeds of the early church.

Furthermore, we subscribe to The Book of Concord: The Confession of the Evangelical Lutheran Church.  We believe the documents therein to be the true and faithful witness of the Christian faith which is put forth and testified to in the Holy Bible.

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What is the North American Lutheran Church?

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The Founding of Antioch Lutheran Church

Lutheranism had its organized beginnings in this area when seven "friends of the Lutheran church of Massillon, Allen County, Indiana" established a congregation in the year of our Lord 1850.  Shortly thereafter, another group of Lutherans in Root Township, Adams County, organized a congregation to which they gave the name Concord Lutheran Church.

It wasn't very long until one of the pastors of these congregations, the Reverend Simon Spyker, found some Lutheran people living in the vicinity of Hoagland who were in need of spiritual ministrations.  He started preaching services among them; and on February 17, 1855, a congregation was organized and adopted the name "Antioch".


Antioch Lutheran Church is a congregation of the North American Lutheran Church (  The North American Lutheran Church (NALC) was constitued in Columbus, OH at the 2010 Lutheran CORE convocation.  The NALC is geared around four key principals: Christ-Centered, Mission-Driven, Traditionally Grounded, and Congregationally Focused.